Getting to your Items:

Classic GMT lists Project Groups Customer Jobs,Service Items etc in the upper Section of Page


New GMT lists jobs,Items,Classes,Employees,Vendors,Expenses,in the Company Book
Click Administration > Company Book to access

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Importing from QuickBooks:

The Import Process in Classes GMT Starts with click the ‘Timer from QB’ option for Data Transfer.


To start the Import Process in New GMT

click Administration > Quickbooks to Navigate to the ‘Import Timer’ Option


Import Timer Window:

The upload Timer Window in Classic GMT Provides Option for Including Vendors/Subcontractors in the upload, and narrowing down uploads to Service Items only


The Import Timer window in New GMT gives users more option for uploads,including selections for client jobs,Inventory Items,Classes,Vendors,Employees and Other Names

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Time Entry Window:

The Time Entry window in Classic GMT has the basic options and makes use of drop-down menus for selections.


Time Entry in New GMT is made easier with ‘Configurations’ , allowing users to access recent selections.