The new GetMyTime site is now enhanced with a faster, smarter, more efficient Timer Process. Since uploading Timer Files from Quickbooks to GetMyTime is one of the most important and frequently used functions among our customers, we have focused much of our efforts towards developing this process and making it better than ever. If you haven’t taken a look at the new GMT site or tried the Import Process, we certainly want you to try and see the difference for yourself!

Here’s why:
1. Easy access:No more than three mouse clicks away, the Import Timer window is always conveniently accessible.

2. More options: You’ll notice that the Import Timer window contains more dialog boxes you can select to streamline your file uploads.

3. No stranding: Unlike the common problem of stranded users and duplicate information in the old site, the new GMT fixes duplicate entries on its own.

Any new thing or process takes some getting used to, so we understand that many of our customers are still finding their way around the new Import Process. Check out this blog resource we’ve created that walks you through the steps. In addition, we also discuss several common questions that customers have about the changes (such as missing items after upload, error message after import, etc.).